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Welcome to park at the airport. We offer 940 parking spaces, of which 650 are within a fenced area. Outside the terminal at Terminalparking 1 there are handicapp parking available free of charge.

If you drive an electric car there are 12 charging stations at Terminal Parking 1 (P1) with 3.7 kW and 8 charging stations at Termial 2 (P2) with 3.7 kW. The charging post are equipped with Type 2 socket with mode 3. Self charging cable is required. 



Parking at the Airport

Our parking consist of three different areas P1, P2, P3. More information of each area will follow below. For prices click here.

Payment is made via parking applications and you can choose between Parkster and e-PARK. Download any of the parking applications and follow instructions on how to pay. More information about the parking apps available at the airport can be found by clicking on the respective logo. You can also pay for your parking via SMS. More information can be found on information signs that are posted in the respective parking lot at the airport.



Electric car

For those who come by electric car, there are a total of 20 charging points distributed on P1 and P2 with 3.7 kW type 2 sockets. The charging points at the airport are operated by MER Sweden AB and to reach customer service or other information about the charging points click on the logo below.



Terminal Parking 1 (P1 – zonkode: 4841) – price 250:-/day

Located just outside the terminal. The car park is not fenced in. Here you will also find 4 free handicap parking spaces used against valid handicap permit. Here you will also find 12 parkings for charge of electric car.

Terminal Parking 2 (P2 – zonkod: 4842) – price 200:-/day

Situated in the fenced parking lot. Here you will also find 8 parkings for charge of electric car.
Opens: 1,5 h before first departure.
Closes: 30 minutes after last arrival.

Low cost Parking (P3 – zonkod: 4843) – 150:-/day 1-3. After that 60:-/day

Situated in the fenced area. This is our most price friendly option. 
Opens: 1,5 h before first departure.
Closes: 30 minutes after last arrival.


Annual parking ticket

You can order a parking card for the airport’s parking spaces directly in one of the parking apps Parkster or e-PARK. You can choose between 6 months and 12 months. The parking card is valid in all our parking spaces.

Parking card 6 months: 6100:-

Parking card 12 months: 9800:-

If you already have an existing parking card, it will work as usual, until it expires. When the parking card is about to expire, you will receive a reminder from us. If you wish to renew your parking card, buy a new one in Parkster or e-PARK.