Travelling with animals


Smaller pets, such as dogs and cats, can accompany you on the flight as long as they are in a cage or bag. The cage or bag must not exceed the weight and measurement applicable to the cabin. The airlines will usually charge a fee for the animal, except for guide dogs. When you book your ticket, it is important to state that you are bringing the animal on the aircraft, as the number of animals onboard is limited. Larger animals can be shipped as air cargo under special rules. Contact your airline for more information about what is appropriate to your trip.



In the summer of 2004, the rules were simplified for international travel with dogs and cats when the so-called pet passport was introduced. Besides the EU countries, you must always have a passport for your animal when travelling to Norway, Switzerland, San Marino and Liechtenstein. If the dog lacks a valid rabies vaccination, it may take some time (4-5 months) before the passport is given. Contact your airline or tour operator to find out the details. Go to the Swedish Board of Agriculture website to find all the rules for the entry and exit of dogs, cats and other animals, as well as the required forms.