Passport and visa

For travel within the Schengen countries, you do not need to show your passport at passport control, but you should take your passport —or your new national identity card — because you must prove your nationality when you’re abroad. For travel outside the Schengen countries, you should always carry your passport. You can order a passport and ID card at the police station.


In order to enter certain countries, including the U.S., you need a visa. For information about the arrangements for the country you are heading to, please ask your airline.

ID check

Sweden has introduced requirements for the identity verification of passengers at check-in and boarding, with both domestic and international departures. In addition, you must have a boarding pass to go through security. Please be aware that other EU countries may have stricter rules than these.

Personal control

When travelling to countries that are a part of the Schengen agreement, there are usually no personal checks, but you still have to show your passport or national identity card. When travelling to countries not included in the Schengen agreement, there are usually personal checks and you must always have your passport.

A national identity card replaces a passport within Schengen countries

A national identity card was introduced on October 1, 2005. This card contains information with regard to your Swedish citizenship. This means that the new identity card can be used for travel within the Schengen countries and can also be used for proof of citizenship. For those who do not have the new ID card, it is required to have your passport for travel within the Schengen countries. You can apply for a national ID card at police passport offices.