Mobility assistance at the airport

Passengers who need mobility assistance have the same opportunities to enjoy air travel just like other passengers. Therefore, the airport is obliged to provide escort services for people with special needs. If you need help, you should always disclose it when you book your airline ticket. The airport escorts will help you find your way through the airport and help you on board the aircraft. On the other hand, assistants do not attend to you if you have to use the toilet. If this is the case, you should travel with your own companion who can assist you.

On board the aircraft, cabin staff will assist you with information and escort you to your seat. However, they will not lift you or assist you to the toilet. If you have such needs, you should travel with a companion who can assist you. Talk with your airline regarding what applies to your particular journey.

Wheelchairs and other assistive devices carried on the aircraft are at no cost. However, you should check that the weight and measurement do not prevent its shipment. It is not clear if larger electric wheelchairs can fit in all types of aircraft. On board the aircraft, you can, if necessary, borrow a wheelchair that is adapted to function in the cabin.

Guide dogs may be brought on the aircraft at no extra cost. The dog travels in the cabin and does not have to sit in the transportation box. The rules for bringing a guide dog differ between airlines. Therefore, please always check with your airline and find out what applies to your journey.