Medicine on your trip

Within the EU and EES

Medicine and baby food are exempt from the new, stricter rules for carry-on luggage. You can take as much prescription medicine as needed in your carry-on luggage. Medicine does not need to be in plastic bags, but remember to pack liquid medicine in plastic bags so you can show them at airport security control.
Non-prescription medicine (lens solution, cough syrup, nose drops, etc.) can be taken on the flight. You can also bring your prescription medicine for the duration of your absence if you are unsure whether you can buy the product at your destination, or if it is only available in larger packages.
In order to bring narcotic drugs for personal use in the EU-EES countries, you must present a certificate that proves your right to take your medicine. This includes narcotic drugs such as sleeping pills, sedatives and strong painkillers. You must also ask the pharmacy to receive a so-called Schengen Certificate that allows you to carry these medicines.


Outside EU and EES

If you travel from Sweden to countries outside the European Economic Area, please visit the country’s embassy to become informed about the rules that apply to the importation of narcotic drugs. You should always be able to prove, with a statement, that the drugs you carry are intended for personal, medical use. Contact your airline to learn about what applies to your particular destination.