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Security control

It is mandatory for all travelers to pass through the security checkpoint. The aim is to find items that are prohibited to bring on board the plane, and in so-called restricted areas, areas travelers find themselves in after gone through security checkpoint and before boarding the plane.
If you prepare yourself before entering the security checkpoint it will go more smoothly and quickly.

Prohibited items – read more on Transportstyrelsens website

Tips before security checkpoint

Security checkpoint can take time and occasionally long queues can be formed. If you prepare before the security checkpoint it will facilitate procedures and the security checkpoint will go more smoothly and quickly.

  • Have your boarding pass ready to show up when you arrive at the document check when entering the security checkpoint.
  • Place your hand luggage in one of the plastic boxes used at the security checkpoint – if you have liquids; liquid medicines, diets and baby food, remove them from your hand luggage and put separately in a plastic box.
  • Are you wearing outerwear (blazer counts as outerwear), also put them in a plastic box.
  • Do not place loose items in your pockets, remove keys, coins or cell phone.
  • If you have a belt with large buckle or wear big jewelry, remove them too.
  • Take out laptops, tablets and other electronic devices from any case and put them in a plastic box.
  • Be prepared that you may be asked to take off your shoes and put them on the treadmill. Always put your shoes in a plastic box.
  • While your hand luggage will pass through X-ray, go through the metal detector.
  • Note that even people who do not trigger the alarm in the metaldetector may be subject to manual control.
  • If it will be discovered that you have with you prohibited things you will be asked to discard these.

Liquids, aerosols and gels

We recommend that all liquids (including gels, pastes – eg toothpaste – creams and liquids in pressurized containers) will be packed in the checked in luggage, because the rules for what you can bring through security is strict.
Be sure to pack the liquids well. Should damage occur due to a bottle it will not be replaced.
Liquids maximum 100ml
Liquids with maximum 100ml in pack sizes may be taken through security if:

  • They can fit in a container / box that holds up to 100 ml.
  • All containers should be placed in a resealable transparent plastic bag, for up to 1 liter (is available at the airport).
  • The bag must be presented separately at the security checkpoint.
  • Maximum 1 plastic bag per passenger.

Liquids greater than 100ml

Liquids greater than 100ml in pack sizes may be taken through security if:

  • They are in the form of liquid medicine, baby food or diet food.
  • They are in the form of “tax-free goods’ in a sealed duty free bag with the receipt that is the purchase of an airport or on board an aircraft within or outside the EU.

Liquids as above will be screened by a special technical equipment.
Remove the plastic bag containing liquids from your carry-on luggage and place it prominently displayed in a plastic box on the belt at the security checkpoint.

Keep in mind that the rules for liquids in hand luggage when traveling back to Sweden and other EU countries may differ. Find out what rules that applies for your trip.
Read more about the rules of liquids in hand luggage on Transportstyrelsens website.

Allowed in hand luggage

Transportstyrelsen has designed information regarding which items passengers can pack in their carry-on luggage that may be carried on board the aircraft, and which items may be packed in checked-in baggage.
Pack properly – list of what is allowed to bring on board – Transportstyrelsen.
In addition, there are restrictions on the amount of liquid that may be taken through the security checkpoint. See above.
Please note that the airline may have restrictions on what items allowed, check with each airline’s ticket terms and conditions on their websites.